Prepare For a Fearless Life

Prepare for a fearless life.

Live safely, with confidence through self defense training. Gainesville Defense offers classes and group trainings in north Central Florida. Contact us today at 352-371-1007.


GNV Defense Classes


Cat Keychain Self Defense Class

Let us introduce you to your new favorite accessory: your metal cat self defense keychain. Used like a blade-meets-brass-knuckles, this multi-use tool is a gal's best friend in a pinch. Class fee includes keychain.


Grab and Choke Defense Class

Join us for a fun night of learning self defense, focusing on effective techniques to escape a variety of chokes and grabs. We'll cover these movements in an approachable way, and show you options that you can use in your every day life.


Independent Women College Safety Course

Transitioning to adulthood and living alone is journey full of preparation and personal growth. We're here to help you along the way to prepare you for living a fearless life. This 4-hour course is open to high school juniors and seniors, college women, and women living alone.


Custom Training

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Book a Class
(60 minutes)

We structure our classes around specific topics and learning objectives. While we offer examples of our most popular classes, we are happy to discuss other topics and goals for you or your group. These can also be scheduled as Lunch and Learns.

Basic Self Defense 101, Parking Lot Safety, Bicycling Safety, Situational Awareness, Choosing Self Defense Weapons, Date Rape Prevention


Book a Seminar
(90 minutes)

Seminars provide more time for practicing techniques and/or covering additional material. Examples include the following:

Using a Self Defense Key Chain, Grab & Choke Defense, Self Defense for Families with Small Children, Identifying Hazardous People and Places, Trafficking Awareness, Self Defense for Realtors


Book a Course

(Up to 4 Hours)

Teaching courses allows us to provide in-depth information and practice on related topics.

Independent Women College Safety Training, Non-Firearm Self Defense Weapons Training, Firearm Weapons Training, Concealed Carry Classes, Combined Classes, Custom Material


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